An Interview

An interview with Jase  Haber.

Written by Todd Bello, the writer of El Cantante starring Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez.

Jase started with a quote from his favorite actor, “If a man can live on after his death, then maybe he was a great man.” James Dean

Jase: Todd,  did James Dean call your father Little Cat? Yes, but let’s get to Jase Haber. Life is for the living.

Todd: Jase, why the James Dean quote in the beginning?

Jase: James Dean was a great actor, and I will be a great actor.

Todd: Tell me something personal about Jase Haber?

Jase: In the 60s my Grandfather Lazaro Celestino Reyes had to work  in the Sugar Slave Camps. For years he was imprisoned so he could get my Mother out of Cuba so I could be born in America. Castro was an evil man.

Todd: Where were you born Jase, what year,  and how did Castro effect you?

Jase: I was born in Miami, Florida, in 1984, my Mother being Cuban taught me to be very proud and respect that this country is all about from a early age.  I learned what true freedom is, I  believe that that spilled over into my passion for acting.

Todd: Jase,  how does freedom coincide with your work as an actor?

Jase: Being free is what Jase Haber is all about today. Being free is what every genius actor from the past knew they needed to get to so they could shine. Every actor needs to be living in that freedom to be a great actor.  The only way I can transmit my talent to the world is to free myself up completely from a internal aspect, then from the inside then outwards. That’s what I do and that’s who I am! That’s Jase Haber.

Todd: Jase shot me another quote.

“You have to know who you are and know your instrument inside and out to be a great actor. ” Stella Adler

Todd: What do you care about the most in life Jase?

Jase: My acting craft. Todd I owe it to my own true self to do the very best I can to be a great actor. That’s the source of my art, and my body of work, I will prove that to the world. What Cuban actor ever won an academy award?

Todd: Are you saying you will win Academy Award?

Jase: Absolutely!

Todd: Jase why do you need to be a great actor and where does that passion come from?

Jase: I’ve been training to be a great actor my whole life. Ive always needed to be loved for some reason.

Todd: Why?

Jase: I guess being the smallest out of three I was lost a little in the shuffle. I needed more love.

Todd: All you need is love.

Jase: Funny,  Todd Bello is quoting me the Beatles.

Todd: What do you think about stardom Jase?

Jase: Todd every actor wants to be a star. If they say anything else they’re lying. They want money, fame, and they want to get laid.

Todd: Do you have all those things?

Jase: I have two, one is up to bat.

Todd: Which ones on deck?

Jase: Fame is taking a swing and I’m ready for it.

Todd: Do you want to be a star Jase?

Jase: Absolutely!

Todd: Why?

Jase: Because I was born for stardom.

Todd: Academy Awards, being a star, is that a little cocky Jase?

Jase: Todd, you’re confusing cockiness with confidence. My true self is humility. I live in that humility. Ego kills your craft to be a great actor!

Todd: Who else is behind you now?

Jase: Oh man, too many people to mention. Let’s start with Ross. My  Legendary manager Ross Brown, told me when I first met him years ago. Directors, Producers, Casting Directors,  need to see a few things from you instantly. They need to feel deep inside their soul, that you’re the best at being yourself. They need to know without a shadow of a  doubt to know you can play the part!  Last he said, to never stop learning how to be a great actor. I never will, I’m going to show Hollywood and the world the real me Todd, that’s my job.

Todd: Any funny story’s about Ross?

Jase: Ross did call me crazy in the beginning.

Todd: Why?

Jase: For six month his mailbox was filled with pictures, posters, a full marketing plan, anything and everything was sent to Ross on Jase Haber. Thinking back it was funny man. It was my attack on Hollywood.

Todd: Who else did you send these things to.

Jase: Everyone Todd, everyone. It took a year to plan it.

Todd: Wow! That’s dedication Jase.

Jase: Dedication brings an actor a great career. Discipline makes it concrete. I have both. I never talk about money, it brings out the vultures, but I made my first million before I left High School, next question .

Todd: Let’s get back to Ross, Jase.

Jase: Ross asked me,  who else got back to you from your Hollywood take-over?

Todd: One person did, Ross Brown.

Ross: What happened next?

Jase: Ross started a five year campaign with the best acting classes, everything he felt I needed to do. Ross Brown was grooming me like in the studio system days in the 1950s. It was tough man. Everything was planned out to make me his next big star. In the end, Ross Brown looked at me and said; “Jase Haber you have the it factor,  you always did from the time we first met”, . I said to Ross,” why the acting bootcamp man”? Ross replied,  ” I just needed time to build you into who you really are, a person with star power! Now you have that Jase Haber.” Ross Brown

Todd: So Ross Brown tricked  you?

Jase: No! No one tricks me Todd, they sometime manipulate me, but never am I tricked. In the end Ross told me that not since he cast Jeff Bridges in the “Last Picture Show” that no one ever hit me as strong as I did when we first met and no one has got to the level I did while working with Ross Brown.

Todd: Can I call Ross on that?

Jase: Take his number down.

Todd: Who else can I call?

Jase: Call my personal acting coach, Howard Fine, he said to me recently that I didn’t need a thing to nail a part I was offered last week.  You love Howard Fine?

Jase got serious.

Jase: Howard Fine will be coaching me on every role I accept. If he wishes to. Look Todd, I’m  a perfectionist when it comes to my acting craft! I  was seven years old when I went up to my Mother and told her I needed a talent agent. Before I could walk I had my sites set on Hollywood!

Todd: Who else did Ross start off?

Jase: Ross Brown goes back  fifty years, Johnny Depp, River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Paul Rudd, etc… Ross had a hand guiding many stars. Ross Brown is a legendary casting directer and manager. Everyone takes his calls to this day and everyone knows who he is.

Todd: Jase, when I directed you for an audition for April Webster a few months back,  how did that turn out, since we had lost touch after filming that audition?.

Jase: Todd,  after April Webster saw  me on film, she became a believer instantly! She knows that I’m the real deal. Everyone I meet leaves knowing  That I’m the real deal!  I’ve worked hard to get where I am Todd. I will not stop until I’m happy. Money doesn’t bring happiness man, money can bring more problems if you let it. Money consumes people and makes them do stupid shit. I don’t dig stupid people.

Todd: Who’s the stupidest person you’ve ever met.

Jase: You know him Todd, let’s move on. The scene is set up and they’re calling for me. I don’t like to keep the directer waiting man.

Todd: Who else is waiting?

Jase: James Franco is waiting for me Todd.  I’m flying out to the set of “Oz in Detroit to shoot a screen test for “NightStalker”.

Todd: James Franco is waiting?

Jase: Yes Todd, you set up this James Franco thing up for me.

Jase: Todd thank you for setting up this deal  with James Franco it means so much!  I can’t tell you enough. From the bottom of my heart man.  Thank you buddy. It all started with Todd Bello.  Don’t worry Jase Haber will always be on Team Bello, forever!

Todd: Is the money in for Franco?

Jase: Todd,  its ready to drop after contracts are signed man, that’s why I’m going to Detroit!

Todd: Thank you Jase, we’re taking over the world With New World Entertainment and Jeanne Tod Films!

Jase: You know it!

Jase:Todd also thank you for getting me Dora Whitaker to help manage me with Ross Brown, they go back 30 years.

Todd: That’s my job Jase to hook you up with A – List Actors, Producers, Directors, and anyone you want to work with!

Jase: Todd you’re a true friend and a hard worker man. Let’s get to making great movies. Time is a wasting. Is your script Ascension done?

Todd: Rewrites done on Monday,  going to Barry Morrow and Lewis Teague.

Jase: That’s my boy, you’re the best!

Jase: Who do you want to thank Todd?

Todd: God and Jeanne!

Todd: Jase Haber?  You’re already a star! The world just needs to catch up with you!    “Todd Bello”

Footnote:  Jase Haber is in several projects to star in for 2012. I can’t wait to direct him again in my film I wrote called  “ASCENSION”  Ascension is in pre-production now. We start shooting in Miami next month.

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Road to Sundance 2011

I must say guys… Sundance was kick ass for me. I had a great time, I had the opportunity to mingle with some celebrities and screen some really well made movies. Id have to say the best part of Sundance for me was hanging out with Director/Actor Jsu Garcia. We spoke about working together on several different projects and I had an opportunity to see the first film he has ever directed. Although it was freezing in Park City, Utah it was still a sight for sore eyes. Mountains and Snow everywhere. Where i am from that’s not too common.


A fan of mine also came down to visit me while i was at Sundance and filmed a documentary on my whole experience at Sundance. Im not really to familiar on how you are suppose to blog, but its my blog and I do it how ever I want. Just kidding. I honestly feel 2011 is going to be a good year for me and big things are going to happen. Im just going to keep working hard, the skies the limit!!!

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