Born in Miami, South Florida, actor Jase Haber is the youngest of three siblings with strong Cuban ancestry. He was raised in a traditional Latino catholic family, and although American, his grandfather and parents were born in a remote Cuban village, dedicated to create a better life for their family where they could enjoy freedom.

Haber, from an early age, knew that his life’s dream was to be an actor.

Even though his parents recognized his academic abilities and wanted him to attend college to study medicine, he knew that his passion was in acting and decided to follow his heart.

He was accepted in to the New World School of Art, however, but Haber chose to attend South Miami’s Magnet Program for acting where he focused hard to fulfill his ambition of acting, a place where when the cameras started rolling, he would feel most free.

In 2005 Haber set his heights on Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, and from there he continued his training and nurturing his craft. He began acting in several successful short films including ‘May’, a story of two men who embark on an online adventure that change their lives forever. The drama was Haber’s first short, and was produced by Todd Bello, the writer of ‘El Cantante’ (starring Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez) and Hollywood’s highly acclaimed Casting Director Ross Brown (‘The Last Picture Show’, ‘Halloween H20: 20 Years Later’ and ‘Battle for the Planet of the Apes’).

Determined to expand and develop his aptitude in acting further, Haber worked on a variety of diverse films in different genres including the Sci-Fi film ‘Recession’, action drama ‘Thieves’ and the suspense thriller ‘Swipe’.

His latest film ‘Blind Hell’ sees Haber performing what has to be his most challenging role to date. Playing the lead of a young man who is mentally tortured from unintentionally killing his family in a car accident, he himself loses his physical sight and all will to live as he is left in his own personal blind hell. The film has now hailed Haber as Hollywood’s hottest new emerging international star.