Road to Sundance 2011

I must say guys… Sundance was kick ass for me. I had a great time, I had the opportunity to mingle with some celebrities and screen some really well made movies. Id have to say the best part of Sundance for me was hanging out with Director/Actor Jsu Garcia. We spoke about working together on several different projects and I had an opportunity to see the first film he has ever directed. Although it was freezing in Park City, Utah it was still a sight for sore eyes. Mountains and Snow everywhere. Where i am from that’s not too common.


A fan of mine also came down to visit me while i was at Sundance and filmed a documentary on my whole experience at Sundance. Im not really to familiar on how you are suppose to blog, but its my blog and I do it how ever I want. Just kidding. I honestly feel 2011 is going to be a good year for me and big things are going to happen. Im just going to keep working hard, the skies the limit!!!

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